Kareem Capital Management Inc. is offering an Investment Program that teach investment Strategies. 


Why Study Investment Strategies?


Having the tools and knowledge to develop smart investment strategies has perhaps never been more critical than in our current global climate. You need a solid understanding of the way markets work combined with cutting-edge analytical skills and advanced quantitative tools that can guide your stock selections and active portfolio management through uncertainty and into the future.


As a participant in the Investment Strategies program, you will get an introduction to the fundamentals of active investing as well as an incisive overview of capital markets and modern risk management. And you can put your knowledge into practice immediately.


Key Takeaways: 


Succeeding in active investing requires knowledge of the markets, confidence in crunching the numbers, and skill in analyzing and managing your investment instruments and risks. In this program, you will:


  • Analyze the performance of actively managed investment products.

  • Discuss the underlying empirical evidence that informs investment decisions.

  • Understand the theoretical foundation of active investment management.

  • Apply modern risk management and analytical theory to stock selection.

Who Should enrolled:


Investment Strategies (Program) is ideal for financial professionals seeking to advance their competencies, entrepreneurs looking for a deeper understanding of investment management, and individual investors pursuing advanced skills. Participants may include professionals with the following titles:


  •  Investment bankers

  • Asset and portfolio managers

  • Risk managers

  • Financial advisors

  • Financial planners

  • Investment strategists

  • Wealth advisors

  • Investment and fund management executives

  • Traders

  • High net-worth individuals

  • Entrepreneurs



If you are interested in this program, let me know.

Best regards,

Ahmed Kareem

Ahmed Kareem, BA, CRMA, PEVC Harvard Business School.